Carefree Canines Doggie Daycare


Opened in April 2007, Carefree Canines is a large, well ventilated, 3000 sq.ft. cool, brick warehouse with wall to wall 3/4" thick, rubber safety flooring. With non-slip flooring there are less possibilities of injury often associated with hardwood or concrete floors. We offer open room for running out all that energy, with lots of ball playing (we don't allow tennis balls... they are SO BAD for teeth, and there is no play/agility equipment set up — safer this way with no possibility of falls)

* Dogs playing/lounging/socializing or just grabbing a sunbeam with each other... after all, isn't that what doggie daycare's all about? *

Your dog will learn basic training skills, good behaviour/manners, and proper socializing which we all want for our pups! We do not allow jumping up, barking, rough play or mounting... some daycares allow these behaviours... these are absolute no-no's to us! Our mission statement is "Carefree Canines is a pro-active doggie daycare not a re-active one" which is truly important to us.

We do not offer off leash adventures — "just because they are usually good off leash" doesn't mean they always will be... dogs run on instinct not logic. Plus, YOU need to be able to bond with your pup and outside hikes and adventure walks are the perfect way to do so. We also do not visit dog parks — not all dogs in dog parks are friendly or in good health. In our opinion both pose too many potential health risks /safety issues and are not really necessary if your daycare space is large enough and doesn't overcrowd. Your furry baby will still be returned to you tired and happy at the end of the day but most important, they'll be safe and sound! Less stress for "moms and dads"
this way...

Carefree Canines is a calm, safe and quiet environment for all ages/sizes of pups. Our belief is that all sizes of breeds should be taught appropriate social skills to correctly interact with each other. When they are never given the opportunity to learn how to act respectfully around each other, that is when problems can occur (ie. uncontrollable barking or stimulating prey drive). Segregating by size is not the kindest (or necessarily safest) environment for your pup, they need to be able to accept and respect each other, no matter how different in size... these skills make a well rounded dog.

We have a clean, safe outdoor area for bathroom needs, no mulch or dirt... so your pup is returned clean, no after daycare bath required :)

This daycare runs by scheduled days to ensure a limited number of dogs. We provide multiple "pack leaders" at all times — most important for running a safe and stress free daycare.

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